The brake system is one of the most important components in your automotive vehicle. A properly working system will greatly improve your ability to stop quickly, and will insure you and your passengers protected and driving on the road without problems.

Factors to consider when pricing what the cost of brake pads and rotors will be

  • Year Make and Model of your vehicle
  • Quality | Brand of parts used
  • Cost of Labor in your area – Some cities can be more expensive than others
  • Whether you are going to an Independent Repair Facility or a Dealership

What are Brake Pads and Rotors?

Brake pads are one of the primary parts of disk brakes. The rotation of your vehicle’s wheels is slowed by the friction created when two brake pads are pushed against either side of a rotor by a set of calipers. Brake repairs and service, silverdale wa, seabeck wa, gig harbor wa There are several types of pads made depending on quality and wear factors, ranging from composite & ceramic to organic & metallic.

Brake rotors can be made of ceramic matrix composites, cast iron or reinforced carbon, and are attached to the wheel or axle.  When you press down on the brake pedal, brake fluid is used to engage a piston that clamps the brake pads onto each rotor.

When should I replace them?

Typically manufacturers suggest replacing semimetallic pads between 30-70,000 miles. That range depends on your vehicle type, your driving style and the kind of use your vehicle is subjected to. Whether it’s driving on the highway or stop & go traffic in the city – can affect the life of your cars braking system.

The best way to determine whether your vehicle’s brakes need to be replaced, is to have your braking system inspected by an ASE Certified Technician to determine which parts are lower than minimum specs and are needed to be replaced at that time.

What is the cost of brake pads and rotors?

Unfortunately there is not a cut and dry price set for replacing brake pads and rotors. There are MULTIPLE different factors that determine the pricing of these components. Vehicle types such as Domestic or Asian vehicles are typically less expensive than European vehicles. Also, depending on the quality of pads and rotors being replaced, also affects the pricing of your braking parts.

For an Independent Auto Repair facility, an average cost for a set of brake pads can run anywhere from $100 to $300 per axle. Now again, that depends on the material and quality of the pads, as well as the make and mode of your vehicle.

As for rotors, there are two scenarios to consider.  Once your vehicle’s brake inspection has been performed, the technician will measure all rotors and determine if they are above or below minimum specs. If the rotors are above minimum specs, the rotors can be resurfaced.  If in the case the rotors are below minimum specs, the rotors will then need to be replaced.

If your rotors need to be replaced as well, this could end up costing you around $250 – $500 for the entire brake job (this includes brake pads as well as rotors).  Rotors themselves range anywhere from $30-$80 each. Those prices depend on the quality, type and brand. In the instances that your rotors can be resurfaced, the price can be considerably less – around $100-$150 per axle.

That being said, the average of a brake job (front or rear) including new pads and rotors is around $500+ – with a complete brake job for the entire vehicle $1000+.