Why Choose Silverdale Autoworks?

Thank you for considering our company as your source for excellent auto repair and maintenance services. Here are a few of the reasons we have grown to become the most referred and best auto repair shops in the Kitsap area.

Experienced and Established

We started business back in 1994, that’s over 28 years of experience here in Silverdale, WA. This means we are an established auto repair shop with a long track record.

Experience is very important for an auto repair shop. It means we have seen the problems that our customers cars before. This saves you and our mechanics time and money. It also means we get it done right the first time.

Being in business for over 28 years here in Silverdale, WA also means that we’ve been caring for our customers well. This is a small town where people know each other. A good reputation for being trustworthy and competent for an auto repair shop here is very important.

We work hard to earn you trust and confidence. Nothing says that more than a great track record like ours.

AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop

Fewer than 5% of auto repair shops ever become a AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop. Proudly, we are one of them. We have worked hard to earn this status with the AAA Approved Auto Repair Program.

Being AAA Approved Means They Know Us and Trust Us

To become one of their AAA Approved Auto Repair Shops, we must meet their strict guidelines and pass periodic inspections of our quality and customer care. The reason is that once we have passed their test, they start sending AAA Members to our shop. They really want to make sure we’re a good shop before they start sending their very important members here.

The AAA Has Done the Background Check For You

Since they have fully inspected our credentials, our qualifications, our equipment, our shop and our level of customer care for their members, it means they have done the hard work for you.

Here are some of the areas that they inspect and investigate:

  • Technician (Mechanic) Qualifications
  • The Right Equipment
  • Shop and Customer Area Cleanliness (including the bathroom)
  • Our capabilities
  • And, especially, how we care for customers

The AAA independently surveys our customers in periodic spot-checks. They want to know if we did the service right, on time, for the price agreed on and many more items. If we are out of line, we risk losing our AAA Approved Auto Repair status, and our customers.

In summary, AAA Approved Auto Repair status means we can be trusted by the AAA and by you.

Qualified to Service Today’s Vehicles

We have been in the auto repair business for over 28 years, and boy has it changed. Gone are the days of the “shade tree mechanic.” Today’s cars are much more complex, computer operated machines. Their electrical systems are intertwined into most other systems in the car.

The cars of today have computers that control suspension, braking, emissions, ignition, shifting, steering and on and on…

To be a qualified service facility today, we must keep up with the technology and methodology that the auto repair industry demands. It simply cannot be done the old way anymore.

Over the years, to meet these changing demands, we have continued to invest in training, certification, equipment, computer resources, and industry networking. This is a very important priority for our company.


We have the staff, equipment and resources it takes to service today’s cars:

  1. Trained and Certified Service Technicians. We have three ASE Certified Service Technicians on our staff. Each one has multiple current ASE Certifications. We encourage and demand on-going education for all of our staff members to make sure we stay current.
  2. State-of-the-art equipment. We have made some serious investments into technology that allows us to effectively and quickly diagnose and service your cars. These investments allow our technicians to perform your services quicker and with much greater accuracy.
  3. Industry Resources. Because the cars of today have grown in numbers and grown in complexity, no one technician has seen it all. Therefore, we have made some serious investments into connecting our technicians to industry resources that allows them to perform specific research. Our technicians can network with other Master Technicians, manufacturer’s representatives, and others in the industry. We also have access to your vehicle manufacturer’s specific information and updates for your car and its computer systems.


Qualified to perform required maintenance for your under-warranty car

Surprising to many, you don’t have to take your car to the dealership to have your required maintenance performed. We can take care of it for you. The law allows you to choose where you have your maintenance performed while your new car is under warranty. This is good news for you.

Why choose us for your under-warranty maintenance?

Many of our customers have chosen our auto repair shop because we are simply more convenient, more friendly and more personal than the automotive dealerships. We are a smaller shop that treats our customers like our family and friends.under-warranty maintenance in Kitsap County

  • We get the work done quicker – because maintenance can be scheduled with our shop, we get your work done on time on the same day.
  • We have a complimentary shuttle service so you can drop your car off, and we’ll drive you to your home or office and pick you up when the car is ready.
  • We get to know you and your vehicles. We know your preferences and what has been done on your car and all the particulars.
  • We are very well qualified to perform under-warranty maintenance for all the brands of vehicles — even hybrids.
  • We have the factory information and computer resources to research your car.
  • We use factory specified parts and fluids.

So give us a try the next time your car needs its routine maintenance — even while it’s under warranty. You’ll be glad you found our shop.

24 Month/24,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty!

We really put our money where our mouth is with this warranty. While most shops only offer a few months warranty on their repairs, we provide a much longer one – because it’s easy for us.

We feel extremely comfortable offering this level of a warranty because we do all the right things to make your auto repairs last, as they should. Here are a few items we pay close attention to for each auto repair service we perform:


  1. We use the best parts. While some auto repair shops focus in on maximizing their profits or getting the cheapest price, we know better than making that mistake. There is a wide range of quality when it comes to auto repair parts and fluids. We simply won’t cut corners just to deliver a cheaper price up front. Because we know in the long run, it will cost you more – we’ve proven it in our 28 years in business.
  2. Experience Auto Repair Professionals. Doing the job right the first time comes with experience and training. Our technicians are very well qualified. We have 3 Masters Certified ASE Technicians. Our Service Advisor’s are also ASE Certified . That means we have the qualifications to do auto repairs right.
  3. The right equipment. Using the right equipment to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair your vehicle is paramount to getting it right the first time. We have invested in the best equipment and resources that allow our technicians to diagnose, repair and service your vehicle accurately and efficiently. This saves you time and money!
More Friendly, More Convenient Auto Repair

We are a small auto repair shop right here in Silverdale, WA. Over the years customers have told us that they love how we make auto repair more convenient and more personal. We all lead busy lives today. With big companies and automotive dealerships, it’s too easy to just be a number.

Not with our auto repair shop. We get to know our customers, their family, and especially the vehicle needs. We feel it when you are inconvenienced by auto repair and maintenance too.

We have helped in many ways to make auto repair and maintenance more convenient for you:

  • Complimentary Shuttle Service. Just come in with your car for service or a repair and we’ll shuttle you back to the office or home and pick you up when your car is ready. No need to find a ride, we’ve got you covered. (Limitations Apply)
  • 24 hour online appointment scheduler. We know people often remember they have to get the car in for service when we are closed. So, just hop on our website and go to our appointment request form to request an auto repair or maintenance service. When we get in the next working day, we’ll call you (or email if you like) to confirm your appointment.
  • After Hours Drop Off. We have a service where you can drop your car off at night or over the weekend along with a detailed form asking us to perform service. Once we arrive at the office we check your car in right away and call you with the details.
  • Same Day Service. This is a “biggy “for us. We know how important your car is to your life. So, we do all we can to get your car done the same day. We have established great relationships with key parts companies to make sure this happens. Sure, there are those occasions when your car can’t get done the same day – that’s just unavoidable. But be assured, we do all we can to make it happen every time.

A smaller, more personal auto repair shop means we care for you and your vehicles better.

Voted Best Auto Service for the 5th Year!

The Readers of the Central Kitsap Reporter voted Silverdale Autoworks “Best Auto Service Shop” in Central Kitsap County in 2017, 2016, 2014, 2011 & 2008.

We are grateful for all of the votes of confidence from our customers and the readers of the Central Kitsap Reporter. We realize you have many choices today and our staff is thankful that you have chosen us for your automotive service needs.

Thank’s to our GREAT Silverdale Autoworks Customers!

European Service Specialists – Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Mini, VW, & Volvo

Why choose us for your European vehicle Maintenance, Service and Repairs?

No need to drive all the way to Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz,Mini, VW, Volvo or other European auto dealerships with Silverdale Autoworks right here! We are a more convenient, more personal and highly qualified to service your European vehicle and your factory warranty will not be affected.

  • Highly qualified service technicians. Our Certified Technicians have decades of experience working with European vehicles. We employ ASE Certified and ASE Master Certified Technicians.
  • We have equipment and resources that equal the dealerships. We have made heavy investments into our equipment and technical resources. Our abilities equal or exceed those of the dealerships.
  • We use factory specified parts and fluids. Factory original parts are used for most repairs and maintenance.
  • Vehicle Specific Scan Tools. We have vehicle specific scan tools that allow us to provide coding and programming service to your European vehicle.
  • We’re more convenient. Since we are right here in Silverdale, no need to take a ferry or drive 60-90 miles round trip just for service. We also have a complementary shuttle service so you can drop your car off and we’ll give you a ride back home or to the office. We can also arrange a rental at your request. Here on our website, you can also schedule and appointment online 24/7.
  • We’re a more personal friendly alternative to dealerships. We get to know our customers and their cars. At our AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop, you’re not just a number. You don’t have to wait in long lines either. When you pick up your car, the person you speak with knows about your car — not just a clerk. We take the time to explain the service or repairs and answer any questions you may have.


We Offer:

  • Diagnosis and repair of all vehicle systems
  • Factory scheduled maintenance, including indicator based service (SII), Engine oil service, Inspection I, Inspection II, and
  • Condition Based Service (CBS)
  • Regular tune ups
  • Engine runability problems
  • Timing belt replacement
  • Oil changes with safety checks
  • Cooling system services and overheating problems
  • Heating, and Air conditioning service and repair
  • All brake service including ABS
  • Full engine rebuilds
  • Transmission service and rebuild (manual and automatic)
  • Clutch replacement
  • Exhaust repair
  • Certified emission repairs and testing
  • Buyers inspections


AAA Top Shop Winner

AAA Washington evaluates every AAA-approved auto repair facility to measure quality of repair work, customer service and overall shop cleanliness.

Before being eligible for a AAA Top Shop Award, each facility must meet the precise standards needed to be included in the AAA-approved auto repair network.

This award is given to facilities that go above and beyond every day with quality automotive repair and excellent customer service – earning a satisfaction index of 99% or higher, participate in community service, and have current ASE Certifiations.

Luckily, we are one of those shops in Washington State that have earned the honor to be 2017 AAA Top Shop two years running.  If you want a trusted auto repair shop in Kitsap County, Silverdale Autoworks is that place!

EnviroStar – 4 Star Certified

We take our environment seriously – because we live here too!

Not only do we provide the best automotive care in Kitsap County, but we also do it with our beautiful Pacific Northwest environment in mind! Everything we do – from the auto repair bays in the shop to behind the service counter — we do it with a firm commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Due to our diligence in protecting our environment by incorporating green practices in our auto repair business, Silverdale Autoworks has been certified 4-Stars by the EnviroStars Program. EnviroStars is a program that certifies businesses for their efforts in preventing pollution and reducing hazardous waste. The EnviroStars program also gives consumers an objective way to identify environmentally sound businesses.

We will continue to act as a “green” business by using the current recycling methods available and by educating ourselves as well as our customers about how we can all positively contribute to our environment and our communities. This responsibility falls on all of us and should not be taken lightly.