Wheel Alignments

Why are Wheel Alignments Important?

Your ability to drive safely is compromised when your alignment is off. There are often obvious signs – your vehicle pulls to one side of the road or you have uneven tire wear. In some cases it can be ever so subtle where you could never know something is wrong. It’s extremely important to have regular tire alignment inspections. The better maintenance you keep on your vehicle, the longer your vehicle will run.

It’s this simple – When your wheels are aligned, your car handles better, gets better gas mileage, and longer tire life – Improving your safety. Silverdale Autoworks has a state-of-the-art Hunter Alignment System and the newest Software to keep your car running straight and smooth.

Modern vehicles require more than the average alignment

Until recently, four-wheel alignments were all a vehicle needed. Now, millions of vehicles are equipped with Steering Angle Sensors and other modern systems, making alignments much more complex. Silverdale Autoworks can help! Our Hunter Alignment System allows us to properly operate and service even the newest vehicles with electronic driver-assist systems!

Still wonder why cars need alignments? Watch this video to learn more!