Hybrid Auto Repairs & Service

Your Hybrid is a different type of car. Shouldn’t your shop be different too?

Silverdale Autoworks has been at the forefront of Hybrid Auto Repairs and Service in Silverdale, WA for many years.  Most independent auto repair facilities have yet to embrace the hybrid vehicle service because of its expense in training and equipment.

Our shop has been growing its expertise and experience to allow us to be the best hybrid service center in the Kitsap County Area.

Our technicians are constantly trained on hybrid auto repairs and service. We have serviced many hybrids over the years as well.  The combination of training and experience put us at the top of hybrid owner’s list for services and repairs.

If you have a Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Nissan, Ford or any other Hybrid vehicle, please call Silverdale Autoworks the next time you need repairs or service.

Hybrid Battery Repair and Rejuvination

Before having your hybrid battery replaced, consider reconditioning. We offer Hybrid Automotive Prolong chargers and Reconditioning exclusively to Kitsap County.

We offer hybrid battery reconditioning for most models, and it typically will cost about one quarter to one third what a new battery pack will.

We remove the battery pack from the car, test and replace any bad cells and then discharge and recharge the battery pack to equalize or balance the battery cells and install it back in your vehicle. We also install a wiring harness into the battery to enable future charging without battery removal.

Here is a short video clip on describing the technology.

Our commitment to the environment

The business of auto repair comes with an inherent impact on the environment for many reasons.

Silverdale Autoworksis also taking many steps forward in helping keep our environment clean.  We are constantly striving to reduce or eliminate the harmful effects on the environment from our shop.

This process is important for future generations and starts with us!