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It’s that time again, Is Your Child Prepared to Go Back to School?

Whether your back-to-school child is driving to college or high school, it is important that their vehicle is in tip-top shape and, above all, safe to drive. Our staff has put together a Checklist for the “Back-to-School Car”, along with some practical advice to help parents ensure their child’s safety on the road– and their peace of mind at home.

We recommend having one of our ASE Certified Technicians inspect your Battery, Coolant and Tires in order to practice good preventative maintenance, and ensure your child is safe on the road.

Take a look at our Back-to-School Check List:

Inspect the Tires
Tire maintenance is often overlooked. Tires need special care as high temperatures put added stress on them. Low tire pressure will also create excessive heat in the tire tread and can cause premature failure of the sidewalls. Heat will cause the pressure within a tire to expand; therefore, it’s important to inspect the pressure when tires are cold. The recommended air pressure for your vehicle’s tires can be found on the door jamb inside the driver’s door.

  • Inspect the tire condition and inflation (PSI) monthly (Under inflated tires will cause lower gas mileage and shorter tire life)
  • Inspect the tires for uneven tread wear, this could indicate an alignment problem
  • Inspect for bulges, bald spots or wear bars on the tires
  • Have tires rotated every 6,000 Miles (every other oil change)

Make sure the Battery is in Tip-Top Shape
Excessive heat and overcharging shortens the life of a battery. Heat causes battery fluid to evaporate, which then damages the internal structure of the battery. A malfunctioning component in the charging system, usually the voltage regulator, allows too high a charging rate, which will eventually destroy a battery.

  • inspected the electrical system, which includes the battery, starter, and alternator
  • Keep the top of the battery clean. Dirt can become a conductor, which drains battery power (If corrosion accumulates on battery terminals, it becomes an insulator and inhibits the current flow)

Inspect the Cooling System
During hot summer days, the cooling system works harder to prevent overheating of the engine.

  • Replace coolant as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer or every other year
  • Pressure test along with a visual inspection for leaks and corrosion (The greatest cause of engine failure is overheating)
  • Hoses and drive belts should be inspected for cracks, bulges or frayed edges
  • Keep the radiator clean (For do-it-yourselfers, clean periodically using a garden hose to carefully remove bugs, dirt and debris)

For more information on car maintenance, please visit our Q&A section on our website at, or for further recommendations from the Car Care Council, visit


Back-to-School Maintenance Special

Only $69.95

Here is what you get:

Thorough Maintenance Inspection: We will remove all wheels and inspect your brakes, brake hoses, emergency brake, tire condition and pressures (including the spare). Under vehicle inspection of suspension, steering & exhaust systems; also inspect all exterior lights and your horn.  Under hood inspection of hoses, belts, and all fluids; as well as pressure test of the cooling system, inspect coolant level & condition to make sure you won’t overheat on a long trip.

Wiper & Washer Systems: Vision safety is very important. We will inspect all wiper blades and test the washer system and even top-off the washer fluid if necessary.

Oil & Filter Service: Includes up to 5 quarts of oil, premium oil filter, lubricate chassis if applicable.

Battery Life Test & Starting and Charging System Test: Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, we analyze your battery, starting and charging system. With this test we determine how much actual life is left for your battery and provide a printout for your records.  The test keeps you informed on when you will need a new battery.

Tire Rotation: Tire rotation is an important safety service that should be done about every 6,000 miles or every other oil service. Routine tire rotation will increases tire life which saves you money!





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