In our ongoing effort to supply our customers with the best products and outstanding value, Silverdale Autoworks™ is now offering the full line of Bosch passenger car and truck batteries.

Are you looking for the highest starting power? Increased service life and safety? Then look no further than the Bosch Battery S5. Specifically designed with Silver Alloy Technology, the S5 surpasses international standards set by original equipment manufacturers. Even at extreme temperatures the S5 provides safe and powerful energy supply for highly sophisticated, energy consuming components.

Advantages of the Bosch Battery S5

  • 100% Maintenance-free
  • Innovative Bosch Silver Technology
  • 30 % more cold-starting power
  • Safe starting also in extreme temperatures
  • 30 % increased service life
  • Meets and surpasses original equipment recommendations
  • Dependable power under extremes of heat, cold and high demand
  • 3 year free replacement/pro rata warranty
  • Free road side assistance

Bosch has been manufacturing batteries since 1927 when battery ignition for motor vehicles was first introduced. Since that time the demands on batteries have increased significantly with the introduction of features such as electric windows, air conditioning, ABS and airbags. With unmatched expertise in automotive electrical systems, Bosch has kept pace with these developments and now provides a range of batteries which meet the demands of modern vehicles.