We have been in the auto repair business for over 19 years, and boy has it changed.  Gone are the days of the “shade tree mechanic.”  Today’s cars are much more complex, computer operated machines.  Their electrical systems are intertwined into most other systems in the car.

The cars of today have computers that control suspension, braking, emissions, ignition, shifting, steering and on and on…

To be a qualified service facility today, we must keep up with the technology and methodology that the auto repair industry demands.  It simply cannot be done the old way anymore.

Over the years, to meet these changing demands, we have continued to invest in training, certification, equipment, computer resources, and industry networking.  This is a very important priority for our company.

We have the staff, equipment and resources it takes to service today’s cars:

  1. Trained and Certified Service Technicians.   We have three ASE Certified Service Technicians on our staff.  Each one has multiple current ASE Certifications.  We encourage and demand on-going education for all of our staff members to make sure we stay current.
  2. State-of-the-art equipment.  We have made some serious investments into technology that allows us to effectively and quickly diagnose and service your cars.   These investments allow our technicians to perform your services quicker and with much greater accuracy.
  3. Industry Resources. Because the cars of today have grown in numbers and grown in complexity, no one technician has seen it all.  Therefore, we have made some serious investments into connecting our technicians to industry resources that allows them to perform specific research.  Our technicians can network with other Master Technicians, manufacturer’s representatives, and others in the industry.  We also have access to your vehicle manufacturer’s specific information and updates for your car and its computer systems.