The quick lube centers have spent more money over the years advertising than providing quality, proper, & honest service. They brainwash the public into thinking that anywhere you go for a LOF, it’s the same, so they also convince them that a real repair shop is just gouging them. The one thing I have never been able to figure out though is this…..When I can physically show a customer how they have been “taken” by a quick lube, they get mad at them, swear to never go back, additionally swear to bring their car in to me to have it serviced properly, then they go right back to the same quick lube. They believe deep down that CHEAP IS ALWAYS BEST & we all know that just isn’t true. As I said it just makes no sense to me.

We always strived to provide complete & thorough service for our customers. This can range from just being attentive & listening to their concerns, to shuttling them home when they don’t have a ride. We only used quality parts. They saw the same people working on their vehicles for years, no employee turnover every time they walk in our shop! If we tell a customer that they have a need, we show them why. We don’t upsell anything unless it will truly benefit the customer. We actually had several customers that kept their credit cards on file to pay their bills as soon as the work was done. This was because we worked very hard to prove our honesty & trustworthiness. It takes time, but honesty & fairness will always win. Treat people like they matter (because they do) & good results will follow. I have yet to see any quick lube treat anyone like a real person.

If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, it’s worth taking your car to a qualified shop with a reputation to back up. They won’t jerk you around.