First Class Oil Change Service

One of the simplest services you can get for your vehicle is also one of the most important. Silverdale Autoworks provides your vehicle with expert oil change solutions that protect the quality of your car — and keep you safely on the road.

Service for Your Vehicle’s Lifeblood

A regular oil change is one of the best things that you can do to keep your vehicle functioning smoothly, efficiently, and reliably. Your car counts on a high-quality oil change to:

  • Lubricate the parts of your engine
  • Remove impurities from your engine
  • Keep your engine cool by reducing friction

We’re proud to serve Kitsap County and beyond with a superior oil change service. With our ASE-certified technicians on the job, your vehicle will have the professional solution it needs to keep you on the move.

Maintain Your Investment with Regular Oil Changes

We know how important clean, fresh oil is to your vehicle – and that’s why our service is second-to-none. Customers count on Silverdale Autoworks for a solution that includes:

  • High-quality oil replacement that maximizes the performance of your vehicle
  • A quick check-up to make sure that your vehicle is in optimal condition

To know how often your vehicle should get an oil change, take a look at your owners’ manual. Every car is different – and if you need a professional opinion on timing, our team is here to help.

With top-caliber oil, a carefully established service protocol, and the best technicians in the region, Silverdale Autoworks is proud to be your source for expert oil repair!