Think about servicing your vehicle in the same context as you would think about going to the doctor silverdale, wa

In theory, you go to the doctor for all of your basic needs. From checkups to blood work to testing and anywhere in between. In the beginning it’s like giving you a bill-of-health, to ensure you’re healthy and that your body is functioning properly.  Whatever symptoms you are experiencing at that time, you’re sure to let your doctor know so they can make the best decision on how your health is overall.

“We need to perform a test”

There will be certain times when your doctor will need to perform a diagnostic in order to get to the bottom of your problem. There are certain times that they’ll perform a test and say, “We’ve looked you over and everything seems to be okay, but there are some concerns from this test, so I suggest you see a specialist”.

In the automotive industry, the specialist the Doctor is referring to is one of our Master Technicians at Silverdale Autoworks. He’s not just a general practitioner that only does oil changes. The mechanic who’s doing your oil change is also a Master Technician. He’s going to be able to do the oil change, test and diagnose problems, and be able to repair those problems with quality parts to get your vehicle back in tip-top shape.

Experienced technicians go above and beyond.

There have been multiple times they are able to learn more on a vehicle just from the smells or sounds that vehicle makes. That’s something that a very experienced automotive technician is going to know. He’s going to know what things look like, what they smell like, and how they sound.

A master technician is going to recognize the subtleties of an engine that’s not running perfectly. He can stand next to a vehicle and listen to it, and he’s going to have a pretty good idea of its performance–how it’s running.

That’s gained from experience, and you can’t fake it.