Get Ready for those Road Trips!

You’ve got all you need… A giant cooler, sunscreen, and endless romance novels loaded onto the kindle… You’re definitely ready for Cute girl with head out window in sunsetyour road trip!  You may be prepared with all of your go-to belongings, but are you up to date on your auto maintenance?  Sure, auto maintenance is the last thing on your mind, but it’ll jump to the front pretty quickly if you’re on the side of the road.

Maintenance services don’t have to be so stressful – Bring your vehicle to Silverdale Autoworks. We’ll get you a ride to work/home, loan you a vehicle if needed, and make sure your vehicle leaves in tip-top shape. You’ll thank yourself in the end, guaranteed!

Coolant Service

The coolant in your radiator doesn’t last forever.  Over time it will break down and start corroding the inside of your radiator.  This over time will lead to cooling problems and eventually a radiator repair.  We recommend having one of our ASE Certified Technicians take a look at the fluids. Based on mileage and fluids, it may be time to do a Coolant Service. The service is by far cheaper than a new radiator, so save yourself the heartache.

Air Filter

There are many benefits to changing your air filter regularly.  Better gas mileage, reduced emissions, improved acceleration, increased engine life and overall driveability.  We recommend having a technician inspect your air filter at every oil change. They will determine over time when the right time is to replace the filter.

Tire Checks

Summer traveling could mean driving on uneven surfaces or in the rain.  The tread on your tires must be adequate for all weather our you could possibly end up in the ditch or worse.

Replace your Windshield Wipers

Winter weather, especially here in Washington, can be brutal to your windshield wipers, making them almost useless.  Replace them at the beginning of summer and you won’t have to worry!

Inspect your Brakes

It’s a good idea to inspect your brakes at least once a year if not more.  Washington is known for their steep hills, which can do a number on your braking system.  Car safety should always be top priority.  While your vehicle is in for service, we will also check your brake fluid to ensure it’s good to go as well.

Check your Battery & Starting Charging System

Corrosion is very likely to build up during winter driving. Our technicians will determine how much life is actually left with your Battery and Starting Charging system so you don’t have to guess.

Check your Headlights

Sometimes you don’t notice that you have a bulb out.  Not only is that not safe, but you could potentially be pulled over and cited a ticket.  Now’s a good time to take a look to see if you need to replace any bulbs.  During your services at Silverdale Autoworks, we will always check all lights to ensure you are driving with all lights this summer.

Remember that car safety begins with YOU!