We can all do our job in going “green”.  Even as motorists, we can still do our part to help the environment by practicing a few ‘earth-friendly’ car care habits.  When you look at the over all picture, it all boils down to non-aggressive driving and timely vehicle maintenance.

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Below are a few recommendations for transitioning to a ‘greener’ way of life:

  • Slow Down. Hard accelerations and speeding certainly don’t help with conserving gasoline. Try using the cruise-control on a flat terrain to maintain a steady pace, and while waiting in the parking lots, shut off the engine.
  • Get Pumped. Make sure your tires are properly aligned and inflated. You waste more fuel with under-inflated tires by forcing the engine to work harder. By properly maintaining your tires, they will last longer which saves you money and lessens a burden at landfills.

Don’t Pollute

Properly dispose of used motor oil, old batteries and antifreeze/coolant. [Silverdale Autoworks will be happy to take your used oil and batteries] Keep your vehicle running at it’s peak; a misfiring spark plug can reduce fuel efficiency as much as 30%! Remember to replace filters and fulids as recommended by your repair facility or owners manual.

  • Lighten Up. Get rid of all of the unnecessary items in your vehicle to reduce weight.
  • Don’t Try This At Home. Your vehicle’s air conditioner should be serviced by a certified technician that can handle and recycle refrigerants, such as a Technician from Silverdale Autoworks. The older vehicles air conditioners contain ozone-depleting chemicals, which can be released into the atmosphere through improper service.
  • Know Your Limitations. If you aren’t a do-it-yourselfer, find a good technician. Ask friends and family members for recommendations, check reviews and research reputations for a local repair shop such as Silverdale Autoworks [READ REVIEWS]. Make sure to check the technicians’ credentials such as ASE. ASE certified technicians must pass one or more national exams in order to be certified.
  •  Instant Karma. While also helping the environment, routine maintenance will help your vehicle last a while longer, get increased gas mileage, as well as a higher resale price.