We all know It’s Washington, and rain is bound to pour from time to time. Most of us at one point will be tempted to drive through standing water with their vehicles. As a professional, Silverdale Autoworks strongly advises against driving through those deep puddles.standing water photo

There are MANY hidden dangers that water can cause to your vehicle including: 

Electrical System Damage: Many vehicles have electronic computers under your seats. Water damage to the electrical components may cause your vehicle systems to fail. Often times water damage won’t be immediately apparent.

Engine Intake: Water getting into your vehicles intake system is one of the worst possible scenarios. Water in your vehicles’ intake can cause piston rods to bend, or the engine block to crack. Both scenarios are very detrimental to your engine.

Brakes: Water can cause warping to your brakes, which will result in rough stopping. Water could also travel into your brake lining and cause system failures.

If you have accidentally driven through a large puddle or you have concerns regarding your vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact us! Remember, Silverdale Autoworks is always here to help!+ Add New Category