Child safety seats are meant to protect a child in the event an accident occurs. In a crash, the child safety seat is designed to absorb the energy of the crash. If the seat is improperly installed or your child isn’t buckled in the right way, the seat can’t do its job. Here is some important information on proper safety seat

  • provides a lot of great information on Safety Seats. This particular post – The Right Fit-Car Seat Installation – discusses how to install a car seat along with how to properly buckle your child into the seat.
  • Coats and car seats – Kelly Klasek, lead instructor of community education at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, says it is never okay to secure a child wearing a coat into a car seat. Read why here…Coats and Car Seats:  A Lethal Combination?
  • Car Safety Seats Expire – Yes, that’s right. Car safety seats are made of plastics that deteriorate in time from exposure to sun and heat. Also, if a car seat has been in an accident, its protective qualities may be further compromised.
  • Before you install your car seat, be sure to read both the car seat instruction manual and your vehicle’s owner manual. Also consider having an expert check the seat. The service is free and only a step away. To find a certified technician, call (866) SEAT-CHECK or click here.