What is a Cabin Air Filter and why should I change it?

Most modern vehicles today have a Cabin Air Filter (some vehicles have more than one) installed in the Heating & Air Conditioning system. A cabin air filter works much like the air filter used with your furnace and/or air conditioning system in your home. It filters out harmful spores and pollen which can be up to six times more concentrated than outside. Cabin Air Filters can also clog up and reduce air flow inside the vehicle and, in some cases, cause fault codes in vehicles with automatic climate controls.

Silverdale Autoworks Premium Cabin Filters will help trap close to 100% of airborne contaminants before they enter the interior of your vehicle and keep passengers and downstream heating and air conditioning components protected. Most manufacturers recommend replacing your cabin filter regularly, every 15,000 miles, or sooner in dusty areas.

Let Silverdale Autoworks help you have cleaner, healthier passenger cabin air.

Not sure if your vehicle has a cabin air filter? Just give us a call @ 360-692-5201 and we would be happy to see if your vehicle is equipped with one.