AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop, Silverdale, WAFewer than 5% of auto repair shops ever become a AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop.  Proudly, we are one of them.  We have worked hard to earn this status with the AAA Approved Auto Repair Program.

Being AAA Approved Means They Know Us and Trust Us

To become one of their AAA Approved Auto Repair Shops, we must meet their strict guidelines and pass periodic inspections of our quality and customer care.  The reason is that once we have passed their test, they start sending AAA Members to our shop.  They really want to make sure we’re a good shop before they start sending their very important members here.

The AAA Has Done the Background Check For You

Since they have fully inspected our credentials, our qualifications, our equipment, our shop and our level of customer care for their members, it means they have done the hard work for you.

Here are some of the areas that they inspect and investigate:

  • Technician (Mechanic) Qualifications
  • The Right Equipment
  • Shop and Customer Area Cleanliness (including the bathroom)
  • Our capabilities
  • And, especially, how we care for customers

The AAA independently surveys our customers in periodic spot-checks.  They want to know if we did the service right, on time, for the price agreed on and many more items.  If we are out of line, we risk losing our AAA Approved Auto Repair status, and our customers.

In summary, AAA Approved Auto Repair status means we can be trusted by the AAA and by you.