Silverdale AUTOWORKS provides Bumper-to-Bumper Maintenance, Service and Repair of Japanese, Domestic & European vehicles. We do this with the best people, latest diagnostic equipment and technical information systems available today.

We believe maintaining your vehicle by following the manufacturer’s specified services and our enhanced services will keep your vehicle in like new condition, retain its best value, and make it a pleasure to drive. Contact a Service Advisor for more information on how we can help you or make your appointment today.


“I’ve been in Silverdale over 11 years now and have had my car serviced many times, but never with such thoroughness… thank you for being so efficient and I can now rest easy that, at least, my car is in good hands.”


J.W., Silverdale, WA


“Thanks for taking the time to explain my transmission’s service problem to me yesterday when I was feeling so overwhelmed. I left feeling like I was now in good hands…”


L.B., Silverdale, WA