We are a small auto repair shop right here in Silverdale, WA.  Over the years customers have told us that they love how we make auto repair more convenient and more personal.  We all lead busy lives today.  With big companies and automotive dealerships, it’s too easy to just be a number.

Not with our auto repair shop.  We get to know our customers, their family, and especially the vehicle needs.  We feel it when you are inconvenienced by auto repair and maintenance too.

We have helped in many ways to make auto repair and maintenance more convenient for you:

  • Complimentary Shuttle Service. Just come in with your car for service or a repair and we’ll shuttle you back to the office or home within the local area and pick you up when your car is ready.  Just let us know when you make your appointment, we’ve got you covered.
  • 24 hour online appointment scheduler. We know people often remember they have to get the car in for service when we are closed.  So, just hop on our website and go to our appointment request form to request an auto repair or maintenance service.  When we get in the next working day, we’ll call you (or email if you like) to confirm your appointment.
  • After Hours Drop Off. We have a service where you can drop your car off at night or over the weekend along with a detailed form asking us to perform service.  Once we arrive at the office we check your car in right away and call you with the details.
  • Same Day Service. This is a “biggy “for us.  We know how important your car is to your life.  So, we do all we can to get your car done the same day.  We have established great relationships with key parts companies to make sure this happens.  Sure, there are those occasions when your car can’t get done the same day – that’s just unavoidable.  But be assured, we do all we can to make it happen every time.

A smaller, more personal auto repair shop means we care for you and your vehicles better.