Inspecting fluid, auto repairsToday, many people are interested in getting the most life out of their cars.  They want to keep them longer and avoid new car payments.  Well, you’ll be happy to know that a lot of cars today can last much longer than previous years.

Cars are better built by all car manufacturers.  Some are higher quality and more reliable than others, but overall, most are much more reliable than ever before in history.  But, that doesn’t guarantee a 200,000 mile vehicle.  You have a role in getting your car to the high mileage area.

The big keys to a longer lasting car is simply a commitment on your part to routine maintenance.  Each car has different maintenance schedules and needs.  It’s important to pay attention to them.

We know that auto repair and maintenance is an interruption in your daily life, but we do try to make it easier.  We have convenient hours and a free shuttle service to get you to work and back.

Why is maintenance so important?

Your car is an amazing piece of machinery with 1000’s of moving parts.  Moving parts need lubrication and protection so they will last longer.  Maintenance keeps the lubricating and protective properties of your car’s fluids in best working order.